Tuesday, June 15, 2010

EXP:3. Chosen 18 E-shaped and extra submission

This two are extra submission.
The rest of it is my chosen 18 E-shapeds.

EXP:3. Crysis and Sketchup File Links and Elevators guides

Crysis: http://www.filefront.com/16757471/z3327916_EXP3.zip

SketchUp: http://www.filefront.com/16757411/final%20sketchup.zip

Elevators guide : Hellen Keller's: Press O and P and I and R one by one when it stops.
Miranda Kerr's: Press K and L and J and C one by one when it stops.

EXP:3. Final 5 Images

This is a night view from the office.
The textures on the office is "Rotational" and the office is also designed by the concept of the clients'; circular shape shows Miranda Kerr and Hellen Keller's softness, tenderness and thought of flexibility.
The elevators will come up in the middle of the office and pick them up.

This is a dinning set of hellen keller and miranda kerr. There is a

table in the middle.

They both have to walk from the other side and meet at the center.

This is also located in the middle of the map

and sun gently shines upon the dinning set every in ther morning.

It describes the positive power of their owns.

The texture I used on the dinning set was "ardent". Dinning set always gets the strong energy of the sun directly,

The bridge and the office, the 'curved' section, they all present the same power of the idea of the clients and their similarities. This unites all together. Miranda kerr is the Australian who participate in the Victoria's Secret and Hellen Keller was the first person who earned a Bachelor of Art degree.

And they also are into female issue. Hellen campaigned women's right and sufferage and Miranda wrote a book about self=esteem and self help for female teenagers.

Moreover, they also are eager at world peace. Miranda believes that we have a responsibility to bring peace and harmony to our lives and the world. And Hellen protested worker's rights and to the war.

For the bridge design, I used wavy shapes much. The reason is the same as for the office.

The towers that keeps up the bridge are designed the two arches meet together at the top.

This also shows how they are well matched and have the same thought even though they never knew each other.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

EXP:3. 5 Developed Draft Images

70% proceeded

More developed environment and textures and elevators-move have to be done

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

EXP:3. Draft

Horizontal Falls
I was inspired by clients, Hellen Keller and Miranda Kerr, that they have an extraordinary characteristic of their own.
1.The water from the mountains has to get through the two narrow gorges to go further more as hellen and kerr did competting numerous tests.
2. It has such a singular peculiarity from other valleies, gorges or canyons.

Office that will be connected with the bridge
Hellen's and Kerr's offices are located both ends

Gentle wavey and circular shape represents the clients' softness, tenderness and thought of flexibility. -Inspired by the two delicate and feminine clients'.

Also, it has got 2 big towers showing the clients' achievements and ambition.
-Inspired by the idea of Miranda is the first person who participate in the Victoria's Secret. Hellen was the first deafblind person who earned a Bachelor of Art degree.

This is the main bridge that will be connected with the office. The office will be located at the end Horizontally and both will be developed more.

This bridge describes the clients' power. It starts from diffent ways but it eventually unites each other.

- Inspired by their thoughts: Miranda believes "We have a responsibility to bring peace and harmony to our lives and the world" and wrote a book about self-esteem and self help for female teenagers. Hellen campaigned wonmen's sufferage, worker's rights and was outspoken in her opposition to war.

They both concern about female issue and world peace.

Hellen's elevator
Wide open front - amicable, convenience.
Concentrated to the back - people's trust for hellen as hellen trust and repect them.

Mrianda's elevator.
Inspired by Buddhism religious simbol(http://s606.photobucket.com/albums/tt141/digi_jon/?action=view¤t=buddhism.jpg&newest=1) as Miranda is a member of SGI.

Monday, June 7, 2010

EXP:3. Draft Criysis Wars Environments and models

30% proceeded
envrionments, bridges( offices are included), elevators and
dinning tables will be developed and added.